You were born on
a Thursday.

According to the nursery rhyme Monday's Child:
“Thursday's child has far to go…”

The seven-day week is based on the seven moving objects visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Thursday is associated with Jupiter and his Norse namesake Thor* and means quite literally, “Thor’s Day,” and is symbolized by ♃.

Because you're connected to Jupiter, astrologers consider you generous, optimistic, and devoted. Astronomers, on the other hand, consider you an Earthling.

In most Western countries, Thursday is considered the fifth day of the week and the fourth day of the work week. Thursdays are the traditional day for elections in the U.K., extended store hours in Norway, and the serving of fish in the former Soviet Union.

Famous people born on a Thursday include Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z.

By the way, 15.8% of world’s population was born on a Thursday.§