You were born on
a Wednesday.

According to the nursery rhyme Monday's Child:
“Wednesday's child is full of woe…”

The seven-day week is based on the seven moving objects visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Wednesday is associated with Mercury* and is therefore symbolized by ☿.

Because you're connected to Mercury, astrologers consider you intelligent and adaptable. Astronomers, on the other hand, consider you an Earthling.

In most Western countries, Wednesday is considered the fourth day of the week, the third day of the work week, and in both cases, the midpoint of the week. As such, it’s popularly known as “Hump Day.”

Famous people born on a Wednesday include Taylor Swift, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, and Queen Elizabeth.

By the way, 13.5% of world’s population was born on a Wednesday.§